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Masquerade Ball Challenge

Esmeralda is thrilled to invite you all to join her Masquerade Ball Challenge!

The WINNER of this challenge will get one of our NEW BALLET TEAMS MUGS FREE! Mugs are now available to purchase here with special launch prizes until March 15th!


1.-If you haven't yet, take the QUIZ "Which Ballet Papier Étoile Are You?" on this link to discover your Ballet Papier Team!

2.-Once you know your team, enter our Ballet Printables section and get your team Mask for the Masquerade Party! Purchase it (only €0.99) download it and print it.

3.-Create a Masquerade Ball look to match your mask for the party! You can decorate your mask with glitter, ribbons, sequins, etc and combine it with Ballet Papier garments if you have (it's not mandatory). to create your party look.

4.-Make fabulous photos and videos of you as if you were in this Masquerade Ball and post them on your Instagram feed (not stories).

5.-Tag us @balletpapier @balletpapierclub and use the hashtags #balletpapierchallenge #balletpapiermasquerade

6.-DO NOT mention or tag any other brand. Avoid featuring other dance brand's items on this post.

DEADLINE: last day to post March 6th

IMPORTANT: This challenge is independent from the Ambassador Search challenges that will be announced on March 1st.

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