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Ballet Papier Support Program

Ballet Papier Awards: Prizes and Sponsoring


Ballet Papier seeks to cooperate with dance events and competitions who motivates young talents to reach their full potential. Sponsoring a talented ballerina or dancer, for us is giving the gift of a brighter future in a very competitive field. Every child deserves to follow their dreams and receive recognition for their hard work and persistence.


Ballet Papier is sponsoring and donating prizes and awards in different dance events and dance competitions in Spain and other countries.


Please contact us if you are interested in this type of collaboration. 


2010 - present

2010 - present

Dance schools, companies and institutions


Teaching is one of the most honorable vocations. Teaching dance, the delicate shaping of the minds and bodies of young people, requires a lot of energy, delicacy, attention, patience, imagination and especially devotion. That is why at Ballet Papier, we also like to publicize the work of teachers who give body and soul to their students.

Our newest collaboration has been with Tatiana Yerakhavets, who is developing her own dance school in Barcelona following the traditional Vaganova method which she trained in Minsk, Belarus.


Ballet Papier also seeks to support, collaborate and disseminate the work of different dance companies, as was done with the Moscow Ballet in 2012. 


Please contact us if you are interested in this type of collaboration.


Dancers: Our models and stars


Ballet Papier was born from art and dance in order to reach dancers and people with artistic sensibilities. Who better to model our products than dancers themselves? We enjoy searching for talent from around the world -- young people who deserve to stand out and fulfill their dreams in a competitive world,  or those who simply enjoy living the fantasy we all have to feel special, a superstar, receiving applause and being the center of attention regardless of birthplace, race or social status. What we like about each one our models/stars is their passion for dance, and its important place in their lives. that's why we've created our Ambassador Programme.


Each of our models has their own story, their dreams, hopes, fears and ideals. We are pleased to share these stories with our fans on our blog and social networks to help these artists shine and become known in a modern world in which "following" and "being followed" help to consolidate the future.

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