QUIZ: Which Ballet Papier Étoile Are You?

ENGLISH VERSION Review by Georgina Butler

(Versión en ESPAÑOL debajo) QUIZ

Which Ballet Papier Étoile Are You?

You will need a pencil and paper. Read the questions and choose the answers you identify with most. Write down the number of the question and the letter of the answer you have chosen (for example 1.- d, 2.- a, etc).

At the end of the quiz you will discover which Ballet Papier Étoile you are the most like!

1. Which word pairing best describes you?

a. Passionate / Bold

b. Sweet / Elegant

c. Serious / Leader

d. Romantic / Melancholic

e. Tenacious / Defiant

f. Cheerful / Kind

g. Perseverant / Perfectionist

2. Which genres of film do you like the most?

a. Adventure / Action

b. Romantic / Period drama

c. Based on real events / Self-improvement

d. Drama / Romance

e. Mystery / Terror

f. Comedy / Foreign

g. Fantasy / Animation

3. In which of these dance abilities do you excel?

a. Skill

b. Control

c. Flexibility

d. Expressiveness

e. Strength

f. Musicality

g. Stamina

4. Which of these activities do you prefer to do in your free time?

a. Meet with friends

b. Draw

c. Rescue animals

d. Swim

e. Do sport

F. Sing

g. Read

5. Which of these colours do you like the most?

a. Red

b. Pink

c. Lilac

d. White

e. Black

f. Green

g. Light blue

6. Where would you most like to go on holiday?

a. Somewhere with a lot of sun and good weather.

b. A majestic and romantic place like Paris (la vie en rose!).

c. A site with forests and lots of nature.

d. A quiet cabin by a lake, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

e. Mysterious places like catacombs, haunted houses, historical sites etc.

f. Around the world as an adventurer.

g. A theme park.

7. Which of these types of tutu would you prefer?

a. A tutu in a vivid colour with lots of lace.

b. A tutu in pastel colours and with delicate decorations.

c. A fancy tutu with many sequins.

d. A white tutu – simple and elegant.

e. A platter tutu in black and with gold decoration.

f. A dazzling tutu with lots of gold.

g. A tutu completed with puffed sleeves, ribbons and a corset.

8. Which of these weaknesses best describes you?

a. Rebellious

b. Unpunctual

c. Bossy

d. Dramatic

e. Aggressive

f. Impulsive

g. Shy

9. Which of these ballet steps / positions do you like the most?

a. Grand jeté

b. Attitude

c. Développés à la seconde

d. Penché

e. Fouettés

f. Fondue développé relevé en pointe

g. Jumps en pointe

10. Which of these clothing styles do you like the most? a. Top and skirt with floral prints. b. Fashionable dresses in pastel tones worn with matching jewellery. c. Sheer clothes with a lot of glitter and sequins. d. White or light-coloured clothing that looks very elegant. e. Torn jeans with a rock shirt and a spiked jacket. f. Flashy and exotic clothing and jewellery. g. Vintage clothing.

11. Which of these bothers you the most?

a. Impositions.

b. Vulgarity and disrespectfulness.

c. Disorganization.

d. Disloyalty.

e. Weakness.

f. Superficiality.

g. Imperfection.

12. Which of these options best describes you in a ballet class?

a. The one that doesn't stop moving and trying steps, even some that haven't been done in class yet.

b. The one that spends hours practising balances and control en pointe.

c. The one who helps classmates by teaching and reviewing the choreography from the day before.

d. The one that stretches with headphones on, listening to classical music.

e. The one that is always doing sit-ups and the plank.

F. The one who is singing the class music, laughing and joking.

g. The one that is perfecting triple – and even quadruple! – pirouettes.

13. Which of these dancewear looks do you like the most?

a. Burgundy open neckline leotard with lace at the neckline and shoulders.

b. Pink leotard and matching skirt in pastel colors with flowers.

c. Lilac leotard with cut-out details and shiny decorative stones.

d. White leotard with open back for elegant and clean lines and high leg warmers.

e. Black leotard, a cropped T-shirt and black plastic warm-up pants.

F. Velvet leotard and chiffon skirt.

g. Comfortable cotton leotard, cropped T-shirt and cotton shorts.

14. Which of these bun looks do you like the most? a. With a parting and a flower pin on the bun. b. High and elegant with a roses bunwrap. c. High and with shiny hairpins d. High and with a silver headband. e. Not very tight and without a net. It’s thrown together with a hairclip! f. Medium height and with a jewelled tiaras. g. With a bow.

15. Which correction are you most likely to receive about your attitude in ballet class?

a. Be more disciplined and learn to listen.

b. Pay more attention and arrive on time.

c. Your teacher does not make corrections about your attitude, you are a model student.

d. Be more confident.

e. Learn to work in group.

f. Talk less.

g. Participate in conversations more.

You have reached the end of the quiz!

To find out which Ballet Papier Étoile you are the most like, count how many times you have selected each letter as an answer. The letter you have chosen the most times is the one that will reveal which Ballet Papier Étoile you are the most like.

If you have equal selections of two or more letters, or one tops another by just one point, read the descriptions for all your top selected letters because it means that you have a little in common with each of those Ballet Papier Étoiles.

a. Kitri Rosas


She is very passionate and independent. Energetic and cheerful, she never stops moving and dancing! She has many friends because she gets along with everyone and loves to party. She is in love with Basil, a boy in her class.

She is a little rebellious, which is sometimes a problem. She can be too direct and cheeky so in ballet class she must control herself so as not to irritate the teacher. What’s more, if she gets angry, she can be explosive and quite stubborn.

On the other hand, when something gets into her head she doesn't stop until she succeeds! She loves challenges and never gives up. She is competitive but still celebrates others’ success.

When she has free time, she loves to spend it being outside in the sun and taking long rides on her scooter. In addition to dancing ballet, she is an excellent flamenco dancer. She is graceful, has rhythm and is very expressive. She was born to dance!


Passionate, independent, cheerful, friendly, adventurous, daring, competitive but celebrates the success of others.


Rebellious, explosive, daring, defies authority, very informal, stubborn.

b. Aurora Petipà


Sweet, romantic and naturally elegant, she attracts attention and sees life through rose-tinted glasses. She is very popular because she is very loving and has good manners.

She may be a bit conceited but she knows how to accept her mistakes and say "I'm sorry" from the heart. Sometimes she lets herself be influenced by the opinions of others and she finds it difficult to solve her own problems because she is indecisive. She seeks the support and advice of her friends and teachers.

She is very creative and has very good taste so she loves designing and creating her own clothes! And she has fun creating designs for her pet unicorns and friends too. Her parents don't like the idea because they are afraid of needles, but she secretly sews. She also loves being in her rose garden, surrounded by her favourite flowers.

She is usually late for class because she has fallen asleep or has got distracted! But she makes up for it with an excellent attitude as she’s a good listener who applies all the corrections. Although people believe that what she does is due to her great natural talent, she has really worked very hard to achieve that quality and control! And her artistic expression on stage is wonderful.


Sweet, elegant, creative, kind, she knows how to accept her mistakes.


Unpunctual, indecisive, easily influenced, has trouble solving her own problems, can be conceited.

c. Lilac Fay Lee


She is serious, responsible, caring and protective of everyone. Always busy, she is a perfectionist who wants to do the best in everything she does. Her leader spirit means she loves to organise and give orders and her creativity means she finds original solutions to problems.

Sometimes she can be too bossy or arrogant because she likes to have things her way. However, her friends love her very much because she is a very good friend who always has good intentions and gives excellent advice. She is very positive and finds the light even in the darkest situations.

She loves nature, animals and being outdoors. She is elegant and has an original way of dressing. She has an inner glow that gives her a certain mystery and she is a little reserved with her private life.

In class she is the leader of the group. Her teachers always put her in the front row and give her roles that require responsibility. She has beautiful lines and moves so elegantly that she seems to float!


Serious, responsible, protector, perfectionist, leader, organised, creative, good friend, positive, elegant.


Bossy, arrogant, uptight, too demanding, wants things her way.

d. Odette Swan


Romantic, dreamy and of a somewhat melancholic nature, she is very sentimental and easily moved. She is very compassionate so she cannot bear the suffering of others and always tries to keep her friends happy. This means she often does not say what she really wants.

She is so elegant that she unintentionally attracts attention wherever she goes, yet she is a little insecure and struggles to cope with her own problems.

She is fearful: she can't watch horror movies because she doesn't sleep for a month afterwards. Her twin sister Odile teases her endlessly for being easily scared yet too trusting of strangers, too dramatic and taking things too seriously.

When she is not at ballet class she is playing the violin or with her pet swan, Jack. She loves being near water and is an excellent swimmer.

She likes to convey deep emotions when she dances. For her, the artistic part of dance is more important than technique. She likes to dance to express herself, not to impress others.


Romantic, emotional, deep, artistic, expressive, elegant, serious, compassionate, empathetic, whimsical and dreamy.


Melancholic, hypersensitive, insecure, fearful, too trusting, avoids conflict, dramatic, escapes from problems.

e. Odile Swan


Tenacious and defiant, she is fierce as a rival. She doesn't stop until she gets what she wants and can be very aggressive. She is very independent but if she admires someone she can be influenced. This is dangerous if she keeps bad company.

She stays informed about current political, social and cultural affairs and is engaged in feminist causes. She can be very argumentative and loves to be right. Her strong personality can be intimidating!

She is very attractive. To differentiate herself from her twin, Odette, she likes to dress in dark colors and dye her hair black. She does not have much time for her ballet classmates because she thinks they are immature, although she plays the bass in Basil’s rock band. She prefers to spend time with people who have more alternative interests.

As a dancer she is very energetic and has great athletic ability. She is strong, powerful, and virtuous. Her teachers give her difficult variations and she nails them!


Strong, attractive, competitive, powerful, tenacious, energetic, intellectual, committed, athletic.


Aggressive, loves to be right, influential, fanatical, intimidating, she thinks she’s superior.

f. Esmeralda Dumas


She is the kindest and happiest girl in class! If she is not singing and dancing, she is whistling or humming (which can be a bit annoying for her classmates). She sings so well that Basil invited her to be a singer in his rock band.

Fearless and adventurous, she loves to travel and discover new places and cultures. She has friends everywhere in the world; every summer she goes to an intensive ballet course in a different country.

Her favorite color is green, and she loves to be stylish by wearing gold jewellery.

One of her interests is fortune-telling and her friends say her predictions are very accurate!

She is sincere and kind so never judge anyone by their appearance and always helps those who need it. However, people do sometimes take advantage of her good intentions. She is a little naive and overly optimistic so she doesn't like to see the negative side of people and situations. She can also be impulsive, which can be a problem when it comes to making sensible decisions.

She always knew that she wanted to be a dancer. She started ballet classes when she was only three years old and her exceptional talent was noticed. When she dances onstage she is hypnotic. Her movements are very precise and rhythmical so it is as if the music merges with her body!


Cheerful, kind, fearless, adventurous, never judges by appearances, helps those who need it, optimistic, stylish, has psychic powers, very talented.


Impulsive, loud, a little bit annoying, naive, too optimistic, lacks realism.

g. Coppélia Pouppée


A determined perfectionist who is always practising. She is very sweet and kind to everyone but because she has a shy and introverted personality no one knows what she really feels and thinks. She prefers solitude and entertaining herself, often reading books or playing alone with her beloved dolls and plushies.

She is very clever and imaginative but can be quite naive so she is easily fooled. It is difficult for her to relate to her friends and understand them because her way of thinking is unique. This runs in the family as her father is an eccentric inventor.

She dresses impeccably, is cheerful and always has a smile on her lips. She loves fruit and makes sure she eats a healthy diet of nourishing foods.

She follows her teachers' instructions so carefully – and perseveres with repeating movements so many times – that sometimes she seems like a robot. It is because she is a perfectionist, but she must remember not to be too hard on herself!


Sweet, happy, imaginative, educated, healthy, knows how to follow instructions, determined.


Very naive, shy, lonely, too much of a perfectionist.


TEST ¿Cuál Ballet Papier Étoile Eres?

Necesitarás lápiz y papel. Lee las preguntas y elige la respuesta que más te guste de las opciones. Apúntate las letras de las respuestas que vas eligiendo (por ejemplo a, b, b, c, g, d,f, g a, etc).

¡Al finalizar el cuestionario encontrarás los resultados!

1.- Elige qué dos palabras de entre estos grupos te definen mejor:

a. Apasionada / osada

b. Dulce /elegante

c. Seria/ líder

d. Romántica /melancólica

e. Tenaz / desafiante

f. Alegre / bondadosa

g. Perseverante / perfeccionista

2.- Qué género de película te gusta más:

a. Aventuras / acción

b. Comedia romántica / de época

c. Basado en hechos reales / auto superación

d. Drama / romance

e. Misterio / terror

f. Comedia / extranjeras

g. Fantasía / animación

3.- En danza, en cuál de estas habilidades te destacas:

a. Destreza

b. Control

c. Flexibilidad

d. Expresividad

e. Fuerza

f. Musicalidad

g. Resistencia

4.- En tu tiempo libre, cuál de estas actividades preferirías hacer:

a. Estar con amigos

b. Dibujar

c. Rescatar animales

d. Nadar

e. Hacer deporte

f. Cantar

g. Leer

5.- Qué color te gusta más entre estos:

a. Rojo

b. Rosa

c. Lila

d. Blanco

e. Negro

f. Verde

g. Celeste

6.- Dónde te gustaría ir de vacaciones entre estas opciones:

a. Algún sitio con mucho sol y buen tiempo.

b. Un sitio majestuoso y romántico como Paris (la vie en rose!).

c. Un sitio con bosques y mucha naturaleza.

d. Una cabaña tranquila a orillas de un lago y lejos del bullicio de la ciudad.

e. Visitar sitios misteriosos como: catacumbas, casas encantadas, sitios históricos donde hayan sucedido guerras, etc.

f. Dar una vuelta al mundo como aventurera.

g. Parque temático.

7.- Cuál de estos tipos de tutú preferirías:

a. Con mucho encaje y sea colorido.

b. En colores pasteles y con adornos delicado.

c. Vaporoso y con muchas lentejuelas.

d. Blanco, sobrio y elegante.

e. Tutú plato, negro y con brillos dorados.

f. Llamativo y con mucho dorado.

g. Mangas abullonadas, lazos y corsé.

8.- Cuál de estas debilidades te caracteriza más:

a. Rebelde

b. Impuntual

c. Mandona

d. Dramática

e. Agresiva

f. Impulsiva

g. Tímida

9.-Cuál de estos pasos/ posiciones de ballet te gustan más:

a. Grand jeté

b. Attitude

c. Développés á la seconde

d. Penché

e. Fouettés

f. Fondue développé en pointe

g. Saltos en puntas

10. Cuál de estos estilos de ropa de gusta más:

a. Top y falda con estampados florales.

b. Vestido fashion en tonos pasteles y joyas a juego.

c. Ropa con transparencias y con mucha purpurina y lentejuelas.

d. Ropa blanca o de colores claros que se vea muy elegante.

e. Tejanos rotos con camiseta roquera y chaqueta con pinchos.

f. Ropa y joyas llamativas y exóticas.

g. Ropa de estilo vintage

11. Entre estas opciones qué es lo que más te molesta:

a. Las imposiciones.

b. Lo vulgar e irrespetuoso.

c. La desorganización.

d. La deslealtad.

e. La debilidad.

f. La superficialidad.

g. Lo defectuoso.

12. En clase, cuál de estas te define más:

a. La que no para de moverse y probar pasos, incluso algunos que no hicieron en clase aún.

b. La que se pasa horas practicando equilibrios y cosas de control sobre puntas.

c. La que está enseñando la coreografía del día anterior a sus compañeras y ayudando a repasar.

d. La que estira con los auriculares puestos, escuchando música clásica.

e. La que está haciendo abdominales y plancha en todo momento.

f. La que está cantando las músicas de clase, riendo y bailando.

g. La que está perfeccionando sus triples y hasta cuádruples pirouettes.

13.- Cuál de estos looks de ropa de clase te gusta más.

a. Maillot con cuello abierto y de color burdeos, con encaje en escote y hombros.

b. Maillot rosa y falda a juego en colores pasteles y con flores.

c. Maillot color lila con transparencias y con algunas piedras brillantes de adorno.

d. Maillot blanco, de líneas elegantes y limpias, con mucho escote en la espalda y calentadores altos.

e. Maillot negro, camiseta cropped por encima, pantalones negros de plástico para calentar.

f. Maillot de terciopelo y falda de gasa.

g. Maillot de algodón cómodo, camiseta cropped por encima, pantalones cortos de algodón.

14.- Cuál de estos looks de moño te gustan más:

a. Con raya a un lado y muchos adornos.

b. Alto y elegante.

c. Alto y con horquillas con brillantes

d. Alto y diadema plateada.

e. Que no sea muy tirante, sin red, más informal, con una pinza.

f. A media cabeza y con diadema con brillantes.

g. Con lazos en el moño.

15.- Con cuál de estas correcciones en clase te identificas más:

a. Ser más disciplinada y saber escuchar.

b. Estar más atenta y llegar puntual.

c. Tu profesora no te hace correcciones con respecto a tu actitud en clase, eres una alumna modelo.

d. Ser más segura de tí misma.

e. Aprender a trabajar en equipo.

f. No hablar tanto en clase.

g. Ser más participativa.

¡Has llegado al final del cuestionario!

Para saber a qué Ballet Papier Étoile te pareces más, cuenta cuántas veces has seleccionado cada letra como respuesta. La letra que has elegido más veces es la que revelará a qué Ballet Papier Étoile te pareces más.

Si tienes la misma cantidad de veces elegida dos o más letras, o una es mayor que la otra en un solo punto, lee las descripciones de todas las letras con mayor puntaje porque significa que tiene un poco en común con cada una de esas Ballet Papier Étoiles.

a. Kitri Rosas


Es muy apasionada e independiente. ¡No para de moverse y de bailar! Es energética y alegre. Le encanta estar con sus amigos, que son muchos, y salir de fiesta. Se lleva bien con todo el mundo. Está enamorada de Basil, un chico de su clase.