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Happy International Dance Day 2021

This International Dance Day we are thanking dance for bringing colour to our lives and celebrating the friends who help us shine brightly!

The Ballet Papier community is still dancing through the collective hibernation that the pandemic imposed on the world. There are signs that a full reawakening is on its way thanks to the development of vaccines, but lockdowns continue. It has been tough at times to have to do everything (including ballet classes!) at home.

Berenice's new collection, which is inspired by the top and pro ambassadors, is called the 'Iridescent' collection. Something that is iridescent has many bright colours that change with movement.

The word iridescent comes from the Greek term 'iris', meaning rainbow. In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow. She was a messenger for the gods and used the rainbow as a multicoloured bridge that linked the heavens to Earth.

Rainbows are used as an international symbol of peace and hope because they appear when sunshine follows heavy rainfall. They remind us that light is never far away, even during dark times.

Throughout the last year, rainbows have been displayed to spread hope, keep us connected, and encourage us to look forward to the brighter time that will come once the pandemic storm is over. Everyone has shown creativity, resilience, and kindness. Team Ballet Papier has loved seeing your positivity.

Thanks to online ballet classes, dancers have been able to unite like never before. You may not have been able to travel but you have been able to dance with friends from all over the world – without leaving home! You have also been able to start new friendships and show solidarity. We are all dancing through this strange time together!


There are two new challenges to help you celebrate dance and each other this International Dance Day. Team Ballet Papier wants to encourage you to be generous so the people you include in your challenges will be in with a chance to win special prizes!

You can choose one or both challenges.

The first challenge is to thank a friend who has been a shining example to you while you have been dancing at home and adjusting to changes caused by the pandemic. This is your opportunity to welcome someone new to the Ballet Papier community!

Friends Challenge (deadline: May 10)

1. Choose a friend (or a teacher!) from your ballet classes who has made this year easier for you.

2. Post a photograph of yourself, wearing Ballet Papier clothing, with your ballet friend, or include him/her by creating a photo collage.

3. Introduce us to your ballet friend in the caption of your post. Tell us why he/she has been so important to you this year.

4. Invite him/her to join @balletpapierclub.

The second challenge is to introduce your dance school to the Ballet Papier community and show all your friends and teachers that dancing with them brings colour to your life.

Dance School Challenge (deadline: May 10)

1. Download a free colouring page here.

2. Colour the page in and write your dance school’s name in the blank space above the Ballet Papier logo.

3. Post a photograph of yourself holding the completed colouring page. Remember to mention your dance school in the caption – and add a tag too.

4. Invite your dance school to join @balletpapierclub and see your drawing featured on the Instagram page!

Perhaps your ballet friend has been lovely by staying in touch and sharing good advice. Maybe your dancing school has helped you to be happy, or brave. You might have been inspired by the dedication your friends and teachers have shown to their dancing, or by their positive attitude or kindness.

Whatever the reason, let your ballet friends and dance school know how much you appreciate them by taking part in our new challenges. Remember to tag them so that they see your posts!

We are waiting somewhere over the rainbow to see your celebrations. Tag us @balletpapier and @balletpapierclub and use the hashtags #BalletPapierDancesOn2021 and #BalletPapierIridescentDanceDay on your posts.

Happy International Dance Day!

Georgina Butler

Visit and follow Georgina on Twitter @GeorginaLButler and Instagram @glbdancewriter

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