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About Ballet Papier

About Us

Ballet Papier started in 1992 when artist and painter Maria Berenice La Placa began drawing ballerinas for her daughter Ambar Gavilano, who was studying ballet. Ambar’s friends wanted also to decorate their rooms with them and people started to place orders making them very popular.


Ballet Papier Brand

Currently, Bernice and Ambar combine their talents and creativity to design each product, and make them objects made especially for dance and art fans.

Ballet Papier designs begin as a sketch carefully outlined by artist Bernice and reviewed by Ambar Gavilano, who is now a professional dancer. Ambar reviews the position of the body, style and expression, to ensure that correspond to the character being depicted using her knowledge as ballerina, ballet teacher and choreographer. 


Ballet Papier products are unique on the market, because they move away from the technical product to turn dance into fashion, and making each git part of a whole world of the wonderful Ballet Papier characters, carrying the final consumer to the very essence of dance through clothing and decorative and daily use objects.


The Ballet Papier Story told from the beginning! Click the images to read it.
Supporting art and dance

Ballet Papier also seeks to encourage the development of young dance talent and the dissemination of this art by creating a Support Program, which uses part of Ballet Papier profits to fund scholarships, donate gifts to competitions, while forging links with like-minded dance schools and institutions.

The Ballet Papier creators strive to consistently provide products and services that exemplify their ideals and commitment to this art.

That's why they created the Ambassador Programme and the Ballet Papier Club


Because for us, ballet is the passion that united us!



Berenice La Placa_Ballet Papier Creator
Berenice La Placa

Berenice is the alter ego of artist Maria Berenice La Placa, who, with so many ideas and talents to be channelled, created a double personality using her middle name Berenice which has allowed her to separate her activities and give each of her artistic styles room for expression.

Using her knowledge of proportions, realistic body shapes (she is an excellent portraitist), her fashion designer skills and inspired and guided by her dancer daughter, she has created a unique and unmistakable drawing style to represent the most famous ballet characters , that although they have a naive style, they always maintain a body lines perfectly fitted to the ideal of nowadays dance.


Berenice / Maria La Placa was born in La Paz, Bolivia, and grew up surrounded by music and art; her father was a painter and her mother a pianist and piano teacher. Both motivated Berenice to use her talents and to go after her dreams. Berenice studied under various maestros, among them her own parents, and she completed her double studies of piano and art in Utrecht, Holland, where she also earned a degree in fashion design.


As María La Placa, she has been painting professionally since 1986. Her work, including portraits, has been shown in galleries and museums in America and Europe. She was chosen to paint some of the portraits of the Bolivian presidents, which now hang in the Government Palace of their country.


Find more about her in the oficial Maria La Placa web page.

Berenice La Placa
Ambar Gavilano_Ballerina_Ballet Papier Co-creator
Ambar Gavilano

It's in Ballet Papier where Ambar links her favourite talents: creativity, communication and dance. She's responsible to review the body position, style and expression of each drawing to ensure they correspond to the character being depicted. She's Ballet Papier SEO, and combines her activity in Ballet Papier with her active career as dancer, choreographer and ballet teacher.

Her own experiences as a dance student, professional dancer and teacher gives her an authentic vision of the ballet world. Berenice and Ambar loves to work together creating and imagining each of Ballet Papier Products.



Born in La Paz, Bolivia, her earliest steps were almost also her first dance steps. When two-years-old she saw a dance show for the first time, but it was not until she was three that she would be accepted as a ballet student.


Since those first steps, she has taken dance lessons with many teachers in South America and Europe. She has auditioned and studied with companies from Russia, England, Germany and Spain, participating in great ballet productions, such as "Sleeping Beauty" by the Royal Ballet at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona in 2010. She danced in the Rolling Dance Company in Barcelona Spain until 2013. Now she dances as a freelance with different dance companies and runs her own dance project as choreographer and dancer.


From a family of musical and artistic tradition (pianist grandmother, grandfather painter, mother artist, father sculptor), besides her beloved ballet, she studied piano, and has participated in meetings and international competitions for young pianists.


Additionally, she completed academic studies in E-marketing and E-commerce and Social Media Community Management at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) in 2013 and Business Management in the special programme by the EAE Business School in conjunction with the Barcelona University (UB).


Ambar Gavilano
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