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Ballet Papier Club

Want to join the Ballet Papier Club and be able to get free material, enter to our contests and connect with other worldwide members who share the passion about Ballet Papier?

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Become a Member of our Ballet Papier club and start enjoying all the advantages!


Joining is totally free and as a member of our club you have the following privileges:


-More chances to enter in our next Ambassador selection if you're an active Member. 


-Being featured in our Instagram accounts by adding in your profile @balletpapier member and when you share a post that you think may interest 

us add the tag #balletpapiermember 


 -A permanent discount of 10% on all your Ballet Papier purchases. 


-Newsletters with the news we offer: contests, giveaways and more! 


-Free content with tips, tutorials, and material to download. 


-The chance to become friends with like-minded dancers from all around the globe!


-And over all, share the passion that unites us: Ballet!