Ballet Papier Ambassador Programme


Ballet Papier Ambassador Programme brings together worldwide ballet dancers, girls and boys, professionals and non professionals, which are unite by the passion and love for dance!


Our Ambassadors are dancers who, in love with our unique designs and style, express their creativity and their love for dance through our products.

They are such loyal customers and followers of the Ballet Papier brand that they can get our products for free and have special discounts throughout the year from both our brand and other brands and partners such as Grishko and discounts on photographic services or the best ballet intensives. They can also reach the category of Ambassadors PRO thus obtaining exclusive designs inspired by them! Please click here to see an example of products inspired by our Ambassador Pro Isobel Roselehman (instagram account @isobelroselehman)

Our Ambassadors share weekly photos and videos in which they tell us about their life as dancers, give us advice and inspire us with creative and original ideas. They're committed to Ballet Papier, to be part of a community with a common mindset which is our #balletpapierfamily and thus spread the great respect and great love for dance, art, generosity and friendship.


  • We are a brand created by talented artist Berenice La Placa and professional dancer Ambar Gavilano, based on their deep knowledge of the ballet and art worlds.

  • Ballet Papier has a unique aesthetic which is worldly recognized and which popularity is growing so fast that we've been nicknamed as "the Walt Disney of dance".

  • Chosen as favorite brand by many Professionals Dancers of the best companies of the world.

  • Partners with the leading worldwide Ballet Summer Programs, competitions and dance events.

  • Partners with other excellent brands and dance photographers.


  • Only Instagram users.

  • Accounts must be PUBLIC.

  • Loyal consumers and fans of Ballet Papier products.

  • Member of the Ballet Papier Club (if you aren't member yet subscribe here)

  • +5 years old participants.

  • Under 13 years accounts must be monitored by parents/tutors.

  • Minors must have parents/tutor permission.

  • Dancers who have time and are engaged to share weekly content.

  • Dancers who have a big influence on social media

  • Dancers who are active on social media and are creative.

  • The main motivation of our Ambassadors should not only be to obtain free products, special discounts and great visibility through our social networks but also to be part of a community and work towards representing at all times the Ballet Papier brand.



To apply, candidates have to:

1.- Follow: @balletpapier @balletpapierclub

And any other of our accounts such as (ESPAÑOL) (RUSSIA) @balletpapieritalia (ITALIA) (JAPAN) (GUATEMALA)

2.-Add @balletpapier Member in your instagram bio


3.-Create at least 5 posts of the best quality during our Ambasssador search campaign:

  • Using any of our products (it does not need to be clothes; it can be our stationery, ornaments, etc.)

  • Posted in your profile. Content on your story doesn’t count.

  • Tag: #balletpapier #balletpapierclub #balletpapierstyle #balletpapierambassadorsearch

  • High image quality photo or video (illuminated, show the product near, neat and clearly, make a beautiful pose, etc)

  • As much posts you make, as much possibilities you have to be chosen. We search people capable to create a lot and beautiful content. 

Each week during the Ambassador search campaign the best posts of the aspiring Ambassadors who have being posting will be featured in our Instagram accounts.


4.-We will consider how engaged you're with the brand too: like and comment content of our brand, including other Ambassadors’ and aspiring Ambassadors’ pictures, etc. 





Ambassadors will receive:


  • A welcome first gift of €50 value product coupon to exchange in our website.

  • Possibility to get more coupons to exchange in our website depending on their performance.

  • Special discounts for themselves and their friends!

  • First look at new collections.

  • 10% discount in Grishko brand’s website.

  • Special discounts in professional photoshoots with professional photographers: Irina Yakovleva (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Nicky Bosch (NY/NJ, USA), Nikita Alba (Barcelona, Spain/ London, UK), Giovanni Malandrino (Italy/Switzerland).

  • Discounts and gifts from our other partners.

  • If you make a great work in the January-June season you can be promoted:

    • Renewal of the Ambassadors contract for one more season (July - December).

    • Possibility to achieve the status of Ambassador Pre-Pro and receive special and new privileges.

    • Becoming an Ambassador PRO and be drawn by the artist Berenice La Placa, who will create a

special and unique design inspired by a photo of you (that you choose) and then print that design on many items such as t-shirts, warm clothes , cups, notebooks, makeup cases, bags, etc. that either you and your friends can buy! You can see an example of how Berenice created designs inspired by

our Ambassadors PRO clicking here.

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