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Happy World Ballet Day 2022 -Join the Challenge

World Ballet Day is taking place on 2 November this year and Team Ballet Papier wants you to make the most of the celebration. After all, ballet is the passion that unites us!

World Ballet Day is a marathon livestream that gives viewers behind-the-scenes access to incredible ballet companies, free of charge. You can enjoy watching classes, rehearsals and interviews broadcast by dance companies from around the globe. You can also get involved on social media to share your love for ballet with not only the Ballet Papier community, but also the wider world!

Team Ballet Papier is super excited that the annual online ballet extravaganza is finally back for its ninth year. In previous years this special day has been held in October, so we have had to wait a little longer this year. It will have been worth the wait though – with over 60 international ballet companies from six continents taking part, the 2022 celebration is going to be the biggest yet.

World Ballet Day 2022 is organised by The Australian Ballet and The Royal Ballet. The participating companies include returning favourites (such as American Ballet Theatre, Paris Opera Ballet, National Ballet of Japan and Cape Town City Ballet) and 14 companies that are taking part for the very first time (including Joffrey Ballet and The Washington Ballet).

The live-streamed dance action will start with morning class down under at The Australian Ballet (from 11am on Australian Eastern Daylight Time). As the rest of the world wakes up, the day continues with ballet broadcasts from Europe, the United Kingdom, the Americas and Africa.

As well as watching the professionals, you can participate in the main event yourself. Ballet fans of all ages are invited to join in online by sharing a video of themselves for the World Ballet Day Duet. The just-for-fun challenge is to perform a piece of choreography inspired by The Sleeping Beauty, as demonstrated by Royal Ballet Principal Anna Rose O’Sullivan. Content should be shared using #WorldBalletDay for a chance to be featured on the official channels.

What makes World Ballet Day so wonderful is the fact that it is a day for everyone to celebrate ballet – dance devotees and newcomers alike. You don’t need any prior knowledge to be impressed by the dedication and dynamism that dancers demonstrate in a ballet class and ballet is a discipline that has connections to many other fields. Fans of music, theatre, art, design, history, fitness, nutrition and fashion are all sure to find something to interest them!

Did you know that a ballet enthusiast is known as a ‘balletomane’? More people will realise that they are balletomanes if they have the opportunity to see dancers in action and find out more about ballet. By encouraging new voices to join conversations about ballet and more people to enter dance spaces, we can widen ballet’s reach and relevance. So do spread the word about this special day!

With an entire day of non-stop broadcasting to enjoy, what are you waiting for? Grand jeté over to to watch World Ballet Day 2022 on 2 November.

Ballet Papier World Ballet Day 2022 Balletomane Challenge

Every day is ballet day for those of us in the Ballet Papier community, but we would really like to see you all sparkle and shine in our World Ballet Day challenge this month.

For World Ballet Day, Ballet Papier challenges you to show how much of a ‘Balletomane’ you are! Participate in this challenge for the chance to win the long-sleeved crop top of your choice from our brand new BALLETOMANE collection.

How to participate:

1. Read the following quotes and choose the one that inspires you the most:

· Time to dance

· Dancing over the rainbow

· Lovely ballerina

· Just ballet

· Dancing like a star

· On pointe

· Live, love, dance

· Work hard, dream big

· Ballet is magical

· Dance and shine

· Keep dancing, keep growing

· Teach, love, inspire

2. Make a video reel of yourself wearing Ballet Papier clothing and dancing in a way that is inspired by the quote that you have chosen. The video should clearly show the Ballet Papier garment(s).

3. Take a photograph of yourself wearing Ballet Papier clothing that you can use as a cover picture for your reel.

4. Post the video, with your cover picture, to your Instagram account. Make sure you tag @BalletPapier and @BalletPapierClub and use the hashtags #BalletPapierChallenge and #BalletPapierWorldBalletDay.

5. Send us the video and picture, either via email ( or on WhatsApp (+34650376167).

The deadline for the Ballet Papier World Ballet Day 2022 Balletomane Challenge is 15 November 2022.

The best video will be rewarded with the coupon for a long-sleeved crop top from our brand new BALLETOMANE collection.

Georgina Butler is an editor, a dance writer and a ballet teacher. Visit and follow her on Twitter @GeorginaLButler and Instagram @glbdancewriter

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