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Happy International Dance Day 2024

International Dance Day is the perfect time to reflect on the past and look forward to all the dancing adventures that are ahead of us.

The International Dance Day 2024 message authored by Argentinian dancer and Royal Ballet principal Marianela Núñez, considers how important it is to recognise the history of our art form in order to maintain strong roots and grow.  

Marianela points out that the masters, artists and choreographers of the past have enriched the world of dance and must never be forgotten. She reminds us that we are not merely spectators or practitioners of dance, but inheritors of a tradition. Ultimately, she points out that ‘although the future and the present capture our attention, without the solid foundation of the past, without the fertility of our land, the dance tree cannot flourish’. 

Ballet Papier's new collection, which launches today, is the 'Ballet Papier 10th Anniversary' collection. It celebrates a decade of love for dance and everyone who loves dance. Over the last ten years, the brand has demonstrated its dedication to respecting the tradition of ballet, while welcoming dance fans into a positive and passionate community.

Everyone in the Ballet Papier community is united by a love of ballet. You are also all proof that dance matters. You have helped to shape the Ballet Papier tradition of being proud of yourself, and others, for achievements big and small. You have shown how dancing brings colour to your life, motivates you to work hard and connects you with new friends.

The brand is rooted in a traditional design process, which involves Berenice drawing her beautiful sketches of dancers and Ambar reviewing the body positions and sense of movement. The sketches are then developed into full illustrations and dance their way onto a variety of products.    

Ballet Papier strives to nourish your love for dance and help you to grow as a person and an artist. It shows you every day that anyone who wants to dance can dance – and anyone who dances is a dancer! Girls, boys, men, women and pets are all included and applauded by Ballet Papier.

As far as Ballet Papier is concerned, the world needs dance – and you!     

Happy International Dance Day! 

Georgina Butler

Visit and follow Georgina on Twitter @GeorginaLButler and Instagram @glbdancewriter 

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