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Ballet Papier Comic Books

Thank you all who supported us and participated in the raffle to win this unique T-shirt by purchasing our special Valentine's Greeting Card "In Love with Ballet Papier"!
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Be Part!

Ballet Papier Comic Project

Fundraising for the Ballet Papier Comic Project

Ballet Papier creators Berenice La Placa and Ambar Gavilano are are currently working on an ambitious artistic project that they have been planning for years:
The creation of the comic Ballet Apprentice and Friends! The Papier Ballet paper ballerinas and dancers who will live a thousand adventures!

This comic aims to represent the experiences of a ballet apprentice, surrounded by her friends, with personalities inspired by the characters of the great classical ballets, which will be fun as well as educational. Lessons of friendship, principles and companionship in the competitive world of ballet.

The goal that these comics pursue, in addition to entertaining, is also to educate and inspire new generations to love ballet, art and always be kind and supportive!

Be Part of it!

Ballet Papier invites you to support this project by knowing your love for the brand and its characters and joining the Be Part Support Programme that will basically consist in fundraising campaigns to helps us carry out this ambitious project.

The first support campaign we organized coinciding with the celebration of Valentine's Day was the purchase of this virtual card:

 "In Love With Ballet Papier" The purchase of this virtual card that you can download and print gave our supporters not only the joy of cooperating but also the opportunity to win this unique and wonderful Kitri in Love T-shirt! There was only one!

We will carried out our first raffle last 24th February among all the participants who purchased it!  NEW CAMPAIGNS COMING SOON!

We greatly appreciate your support!

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What does "Ballet Papier" mean?

Ballet is the passion that unites us and Papier means paper in French, which is the language of ballet notation. So Ballet Papier means ballet embodied in paper, drawings of ballerinas and dancers made with a lot of art and knowledge of this wonderful discipline.

The Ballet Papier brand was born from the imagination and art of artist Berenice La Placa in cooperation with her ballerina daughter Ambar Gavilano.


You can read more about them here and know their story in this short comic!

The Ballet Papier Story told from the beginning! Click the images to read it.
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