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Happy World Ballet Day 2023

By Georgina Butler

World Ballet Day is taking place on 1 November this year and Team Ballet Papier wants you to make the most of the fun and festivities on offer.

Time flies when you are busy dancing and, amazingly, the annual online ballet extravaganza is back for its tenth year. Let’s now take the time to devote an entire day to being grateful for the art form we love and the fact that leading ballet companies have been providing us with behind-the-scenes access to incredible ballet companies, free of charge, for a whole decade!

World Ballet Day 2023 is organised by The Australian Ballet, The Royal Ballet and San Francisco Ballet. They will be joined throughout the day by over sixty international companies from six continents – the 2023 celebration promises to be the biggest yet.

This year, Team Ballet Papier is particularly looking forward to seeing any rehearsals, interviews and backstage treats related to The Nutcracker. The holiday season is just around the corner, so dancers all over the world are starting to prepare for upcoming performances of this festive ballet.

There is sure to be some mention of The Nutcracker during the World Ballet Day livestream as it is such an accessible introduction to ballet and dancers of all levels can relate to it. The timeless story emphasises universal themes such as courage, friendship, love, the wonder of childhood and the joy of growing up.

Team Ballet Papier is therefore excited to extend our World Ballet Day celebrations by launching a new Nutcracker collection[ very soon. We would also like to remind you that The Nutcracker Ballet Story & Activity Book gives readers of all ages the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic of the story, learn about the characters, enjoy creative colouring activities and collect cut-out-and-keep paper dolls.

Ballet is the passion that unites us and now is the time to celebrate all things ballet and discover (or re-discover) the wonder of The Nutcracker!

Georgina Butler is an editor, a dance writer and a ballet teacher. Visit and follow her on Twitter @GeorginaLButler and Instagram @glbdancewriter

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