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Ballet Papier Dances On: Be Proud of International Dance Day

DANCE fun words drawing by Berenice La Placa
DANCE fun words drawing by Berenice La Placa

International Dance Day is held annually to encourage the whole world to appreciate dance.

Dance is a timeless means of cultural expression and an incredibly special art form, but its value is not fully recognised by governments. So, on April 29 each year the global dance community unites to spread the message that dance matters.

April 29 was the date chosen because it commemorates the birthday of French dancer and ballet master Jean-Georges Noverre (who was born on April 29, 1727 and died on October 19, 1810). Jean- Georges Noverre is famous for releasing ballet from the formality of the dancing in royal courts, developing it into the elegant, expressive and emotive art form we know and love today.

International Dance Day gives us an opportunity to educate each other about the variety of dance styles and the benefits of dancing. It is also a day to reflect on what dance means to you. The variety of dance styles There are so many dance styles that everyone will be able to find at least one to enjoy.

Styles include:

Ballet. Ballroom. Breakdance. Classical Indian: Bharatanatyam. Classical Indian: Kathak. Contemporary. Commercial. Disco. Flamenco. Freestyle. Greek. Hip Hop. Irish. Jazz. Latin American. Lyrical. Rock ‘n’ Roll. Salsa. Street. Tap.

Have you experienced these dance styles? Can you think of others? The benefits of dancing Shall we dance? Yes, there are so many benefits! Dancing:

Boosts your brain power.

Gets your body moving.

Encourages creativity and self-expression.

Develops confidence.

Is social so helps you make friends. Is FUN! CHALLENGE: What dance means to you Write out the word ‘DANCE’ and give each letter a word or phrase that describes what you love about dancing. For example:

D = distraction from everything else A = activity that uses my brain and my body N = new things to learn C = creativity E = expression Post your photographs and ideas on instagram, tag @balletpapier and @balletpapierclub and use the hashtags #BalletPapierDancesOn and #BalletPapierInternationalDanceDay

DANCE fun words drawing by Berenice La Placa
DANCE fun words drawing by Berenice La Placa

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