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Customized Gifts

Ballet Papier Customized Gifts carry YOUR LOGO included in specially designed products for dance schools.
Ballet Papier Customized Gifts fulfil a variety of purposes; they are the best way to congratulate or encourage your students, to thank your customers, and an original and exclusive way to advertise your school. 
To order is very simple: 
1. Choose the products and designs that you want to order from our catalogue. You'll notice a minimum order per product, but within the same product you can choose different designs.
2. Formalize your order with the dance store making full payment and providing your logo. If you wish, besides your logo you can include a short phrase that does not take up much space (Sample text: Course 2015-2016, Christmas 2016, etc.). 
3. Once you have completed your order, we will send the products to the dance store or if you prefer, we can send them to you at your dance school or at home. 
4- Enjoy giving a special gift that will always be remembered!
For more information, please contact us:
Tel. & Whatsapp +34 627 423 199
General information:
Tel. (+34) 93 12 77 506
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