80% cotton, 20% polyester Printed in pink and lilac with shiny silver stars. Long sleeves with cuff in cotton/lycra rib. Unfinished neckline and bottom. Cropped. Fleece inside.


Size chart:



Chest 41cm (16.1 in)

Length 42 cm (16.5 in)



Chest 43.5  cm (17.1 in)

Length 44 cm (17.3 in)



Chest 46  cm (14.9 in)

Length 46 cm (18.1 in)



Chest 56 cm  (22 in)

Length 48 cm (18.8 in)


*Chest measure is taken from armpit to armpit with the flat garment, not as a contour of the chest.
**Length measure is taken from shoulder to the bottom of the flat garment.


Model in the photo is 166 cm tall (65,35 in) and wears an M size.


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Lilac Fairy Cropped Pullover for Girls and Women

  • The Lilac Fairy is the benevolent heroine of The Sleeping Beauty ballet. Lilac Fairy is able to save the young princess Aurora when she is cursed by dark fairy Carabosse to die after pricking her finger on a spindle. Lilac Fairy partially reverse the spell so that she instead falls asleep for 100 years. 


    Lilac and purple color are symblos of the main characteristics of the Lilac Fairy: she's wise, influential, virtuous and considerate, Lilac Fairy is goodness personified. 

    This comfortable cropped pullover is made of a blend of 80% soft cotton and 20% polyester which gifves it that extra softnes of inside fleece that will keep you warm and will be ideal for warming up at ballet class.


    Also its unfinished open neckline is ideal to keep your bun perfectly made, so you can dress or underss without messing ballet bun. The cuffed sleeves will make easy to move your arms tough any "port de bras". The modern oversized cropped form it's fashion but also will keep you warm as well as airy so you'll feel free to move. Also it will give you a cool look at class or at your daily life. It includes sparkling silver stars which gives the garment very magical and chic design.

    No matter your age because we have many sizes! From the size 6-8 years old, going through the size 9-12 years, until reaching the sizes S and M for adult. You'll love it!

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