We love Iana Salenko!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

"Iana Salenko is the epitome of a prima ballerina in the 21st Century"

Prima ballerina Iana Salenko (Staatsballett Berlin) is a great inspiration for Ballet Papier’s artist Berenice La Placa and we are delighted that she is so happy to be a muse for our brand.

Iana Salenko is the epitome of a prima ballerina in the 21st Century.

She is elegant but at the same time athletic.

She can be alluring when it is required (as a powerful and seductive Odile, for example) but is equally able to embody a naïve character (as the romantic Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet”, or as young Marie in “The Nutcracker”).

She can even convey great grief without losing her glamour (particularly when she dances “The Dying Swan”).

Iana is stylish, charismatic and very active on social media.

This online presence is extremely important nowadays to encourage more people to engage with ballet. As she is one of the top ballet étoiles in the world, we love admiring her online posts.

We see her warming up, watch her rehearsing and enjoy her comedy antics when she laughs and jokes with her fellow dancers in the wings.

Each photo Iana shares is a gift to her fans and gives us a glimpse into her life as a ballet star - and as a person too!

Ballet Papier’s creators, Berenice La Placa and Ambar Gavilano, first saw Iana dancing live at the 2016 IBStage Gala at Barcelona Gran Teatre del Liceu. They fell in love with her performances of “The Dying Swan” and “Black Swan Pas De Deux”, partnered with the fantastic Steven McRae as Siegfried.

Ballet Papier is honoured to have been featured on Iana Salenko’s Instagram account multiple times.

We have loved seeing her wearing Ballet Papier t-shirts and pullovers in her rehearsals and classes and feel very lucky and grateful to have our ballet garments worn by such a gorgeous ballet star!

We would like to urge our fans to follow Iana’s Instagram account @iana_salenko and discover beautiful pictures of her dancing, rehearsing, training and modelling. Every single day she amazes us with her stunning ballet pictures and we are so proud that she has embraced Ballet Papier so wholeheartedly.

Thank you Iana Salenko!

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