Ambassador search: 2nd Challenge + 1st Creative Challenge


Keep up the good work!

This week we'll continue with this special Ambassador Search challenges about how to make good photos and videos AND we'll launch the FIRST CREATIVE CHALLENGE (below the second Ambassadors Search challenge)!

You've been all doing an awesome job! And we hope these challenges not only will show us your skills as Asping Ambassadors but will also help you learn more about how to create the best content to represent a brand.

IMPORTANT! We ask you to please this time for the new challenges:

  • DO NOT indicate the "WOW" and "WOOPS" images with text. We want the image to speak for itself ad to be able to clearly distinguish the good form the bad one without reading it ;)

  • If you wear glasses, please avoid using them on the photos (unless you're creating a fashion look with sunglasses) since we would like your features to be clearly shown in the images and also to give a "dance" or "fashion" look to the posts (and dancers don't usually dance with glasses)..

Read carefully the two cases we present below; in each case, the WOW! version is the one that explains how a GOOD photo / video should be and the WOOPS! version is the one that explains what a B