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Embrace Your Inner Étoile…

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Stella Etoile Doll Limited Collection by Ballet Papier

We are all stars.

Every single member of Ballet Papier’s global community is an individual. Although united by our passion for dance, we are all blessed with different talents, qualities, experiences and perspectives.

This uniqueness means each of us sparkles in our own way.

Indeed, in life, we ought to trust in the idea that dancing to your own tune is the best way to make sure that you do not lose yourself while trying to be who you think you should be.

An important part of the magic of dancing is performing. Ballet dancers achieve a lot more than just executing feats of athleticism. As well as exhibiting awe-inspiring classical technique and breath-taking tricks, they must depict certain characteristics or significant feelings through their interpretation of a phrase of choreographed movement.

There is nothing quite like being able to completely immerse yourself in a piece and dance with purpose – and audiences can definitely tell when you are really invested in your portrayal. By surrendering to something in the music or in the story you are trying to tell, it is possible to truly feel that you stop being you for a while and become the character the dance work requires…

Odette Etoile Doll Limited Collection by Ballet Papier

Odette is the Swan Queen in Swan Lake. Bound by an evil spell to live by day as a swan, this former princess may only return to her human form between midnight and dawn. The transformation spell will last forever – unless the pure, honest and effortlessly elegant Odette finds eternal love. Soft, delicate and vulnerable, Odette bares her emotional soul but still remains slightly wary of those around her. Her gentle and loving nature makes Odette an admirable icon.

Odile Etoile Doll Limited Collection by Ballet Papier

Odile is the striking seductress in Swan Lake and Odette’s polar opposite. Glamorous, bewitching and manipulative, Odile may be wicked but the dangerous power and steely resolve she possesses makes this character complex and charismatic. Renowned for demonstrating cool control during those hypnotic fouetté turns and other technical challenges, Odile is a virtuoso vixen and ballet’s best bad girl. We could all learn a thing or two about perseverance from her!

Aurora Etoile Doll Limited Collection by Ballet Papier

Aurora is a radiant young princess, full of vitality and hope. Blessed by a bevy of good fairies, Aurora looks set to live a charmed life - until her 16th birthday when she falls victim to a curse placed on her when she was just a baby. As the slumbering star of The Sleeping Beauty, Aurora may spend a great deal of time (100 years!) waiting around to be rescued by her prince, but the character’s youthful joi de vivre is most definitely a desirable trait.

Giselle Etoile Doll Limited Collection by Ballet Papier

Giselle is the pretty peasant girl and protagonist in the Romantic Era ballet of the same name. Madly in love with dancing, Giselle is a girl after our own hearts – her fervour for dance runs through the entire ballet and causes all of the important events. She cherishes simple pleasures and politeness and is utterly heartbroken when betrayed by the man she thought she could trust. Giselle’s fierce loyalty and amazing ability to forgive, coupled with her everlasting gracefulness and need to dance, make her an étoile to emulate.

Coppelia Etoile Doll Limited Collection by Ballet Papier

Coppélia is the character at the centre of ballet’s great comedy. Presumed to be the daughter of an eccentric old inventor, Coppélia is in fact a life-size doll. She only comes “to life” when Swanilda, the friendliest girl in the village, puts on the doll’s dress and pretends to be her. Swanilda’s high spirits and bubbly personality - not to mention the discipline required to stand still for long periods of time without drawing attention to herself when she becomes Coppélia – make her a feisty, funny and endearing character.

Esmeralda Etoile Doll Limited Collection by Ballet Papier

Esmeralda is a charming gypsy girl who consents to marry an impoverished poet in order to save him from being hanged. Kind, caring and considerate, Esmeralda knows that it is what is on the inside that counts. Her generous spirit is matched only by her beauty, meaning this tambourine-kicking wanderer is a real heart-breaker.