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Be Mindful - Just Dance!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Life is hectic. Studying can get stressful. Work often becomes exhausting. We can lose

ourselves as we rush around, battling to please everybody else and meet our own overly

ambitious expectations. Taking time out to refresh by channelling your energy into

something positive is necessary for inner peace and personal contentment. This is where

dance can save us!

Being able to totally focus on the moment can help us to take a break and achieve a clearer

perspective. Having something all-consuming that takes us out of ourselves and promotes a

state of calmness is an absolute must in today’s highly-pressured world.

Ballet Papier’s Berenice finds that she can focus entirely on the present moment when she is

drawing and painting. She becomes absorbed in her work, paying close attention to the

shapes and colours, as well as the emotions and motivations she hopes to express through

her beautiful art.

Ballet Papier’s Ambar and I experience this same, almost meditative, condition when we

dance. Concentrating on how we execute steps and respond to the music, we find that

everything else simply melts away. Anything that may be bothering us shrinks in importance

as we prioritise the ballet class we are currently in over other distractions.

The Ballet Papier team are simply doing what we love and taking pleasure from these

activities. However, engaging ourselves fully in drawing or dancing is an example of taking a

moment to “pause” real life and be mindful of the present moment, experiencing it fully.

“Mindfulness” is an established therapeutic technique for alleviating worries and stress and

improving mental and emotional well-being. Being creative – perhaps drawing, writing,

playing a musical instrument or dancing – provides the perfect outlet for our frustrations and

serves as something positive to focus on.

So lose yourself in your dancing Ballet Papier fans! Indulge in your passions, pay attention to

how performing and being creative makes you feel and find yourself once again. Life is too

short – and full of too many wonderful opportunities - to let it get you down!


Georgina Butler

- What motivates you and helps you find yourself when life gets demanding?

- How does dancing make you feel?

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