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"I can't ... I have dance!" 1st Writing Contest Ballet Papier winner Georgina Butler

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Georgina Butler, UK

Dance class. All you have to worry about is the next movement. Real life melts away and the greatest challenge is to master flawless technique. The ultimate aim is an impossible degree of perfection – unreachable but you’ll enjoy trying. The only sound is the music – perhaps instantly recognisable as part of your regular class syllabus or maybe it’s a new track for you to interpret throughout your body.

Others might think it boring to endlessly repeat seemingly basic sequences stood at the ballet barre. You know different. Strong foundations make it possible to come alive in full routines and really make the most of dancing onstage. Those little details make all the difference.

People can spot a dancer easily.

It is the way you hold yourself. A certain focus and determination to improve. Not necessarily traits that are held in high esteem among young people.

The norm is to “go out”. To “stay in”. Trips with friends to go shopping, to the cinema and to restaurants. Time spent lazing in front of the television or hours passing while surfing the net.

Of course, you love these activities too – but dance class always takes priority!

You get your homework completed in record-breaking time, stay on top of chores, organise your schedule to fit in more dance classes. Why wouldn’t you? Dancing is not just something you do - you cannot imagine not doing it. It has always been where you go to relax; to enjoy something familiar but also to learn new things and to celebrate the way your body can move.

The saying goes that if you miss one dance class you know it. Two classes missed and your teacher knows it. Three missed classes and the audience knows it. Classes can be frustrating – there are days when nothing feels right – but the process of learning to dance is a pleasure and an achievement in itself. When you get it right, you know it.

You get out what you put in. So many life lessons are learned in the dance studio – perseverance, teamwork, the ability to respond to constructive criticism. Mistakes are proof that you are trying and the more you try the better you will become.

So, yes, the place where I would rather be is the dance studio.

I’d love to discuss this more with you but I can’t.

I have a dance class to get to! x

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